In architectural representation, we focus on adopting an analog aesthetics in our digital production, taking into account the contribution of many disciplines, from traditional painting to computer graphics, that influence and feed our visual approach in creating images.


We experiment with techniques they have same imperfection and materiality of the hand-made drawing, trying to minimize and re-evaluate the presence of the software in favor of a critical view on the creation and communication of digital content.



We deny traditional boundaries in drawing disciplines, and we are always engaged in exploring new visual solutions. Our illustrations and graphic works are conceived on the mutual relationship between visual arts and architectural representation.


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Selected works ⟶



3d illustration for video game

↑ Breakdown of 3d sculpting and procedural modeling for the level design.


We specialize in 3d illustration for the video game industry, providing 3d environments and level design. Abarico is a 3d game location hanging on the air. In physics, the name means every point where Earth's gravitational force and lunar force cancel each other out.

↑ Clay renders and screenshots taken during the process of 3d modeling.

↑ Before & after, from 3d sculpting to final model with textures.


Exhibition in the city of Catania

↑ Etna, site specific work of the Mount Etna. Digital coloring on a handmade sketch.

↑ Paesaggi Ibridi, opening of the exhibition, 11/2015.


The exhibition Paesaggi Ibridi, curated by the architect and blogger Salvatore D'Agostino, presents the work of Atelier Crilo, the Italian studio founded by Cristian Farinella and Lorena Greco, which stands out in Italy for the innovation of drawing techniques in visual and creative design. Operating between hand drawing and computer drawing, the study defines new landscapes, hybrids used as a means to find new architectural spatialities and that redefine the concept of landscape, by its nature never static but in continuous evolution between past and future. The exhibition and a lecture by the Studio inaugurated Futura Memoria, a cultural program born under the artistic direction of Salvatore Gozzo and produced by SicilCima at the new store in viale Africa 42 in Catania, as a container of events, culture, and innovation.

Exhibition and lecture at Sicilcima space.


We developed the digital watercolor technique mainly to re-create suggestive drawings with a smooth and straight-line workflow, able to be replicated by students during our teaching sessions on architectural representation. The numerous articles and making of based on the originally post by Ronen Bekerman are still today a very engaging content online, translated in several languages and webzines.

Breakdown of digital brushes and handmade drawings.

↑ Architectural renderings merged with digital painting.

↑ Pencils and black ink, watercolors handmade, and mixed media.


Data visualization and cover art


OSL is a data visualization of the report promoted by Salvatore D’Agostino on Wilfing Architettura.

To bring this report to life, we looked to the B-side of a vinyl record. This metaphor represents the voice of self-produced and spontaneous culture of architects bloggers, who are asked two simple questions:

Who is the well-known architect you appreciate and why?

Who is the unknown architect you appreciate and why?

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↑ Series with 3D data.


↑ Map for Domus magazine n. 952.


The map, developed for Domus mag, is a foldable paper that reports the main Biennials and Design Weeks of the last 50th years around the globe.

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❯ Map for Domus 952


Cover art for the Italian version of Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae, published by D Editore.

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❯ Illustration for D Editore

↑ Book cover for La fine dell’invecchiamento by D Editore.

↑ Front of Intersections. Coast to cross, 6 chances of making the city.


Coast to coast, 6 chances of making the city. The illustration shows the results of Intersections, an international architecture workshop to find new design solutions for the coastline — with its most representative city districts and buildings — in relation to the urban context of Catania.

Illustration for SicilCima

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Guest editor: Wilfing Architettura

↑ Folio by Sicilcima, paper sent by mail.