We provide visualization services that include: rendering and still images for design and architecture competitions; high-end CG imagery for online and print marketing; interior and product 3d visualization for commercial campaigns and catalogs; panoview 360° for VR experience and virtual tour; CG films, 3d animation, walkthrough, and motion graphics for architectural movies and presentations.


Our work is internationally recognized in archviz industry. Achievements and awards received include: Ronen Bekerman Best of Year 2015, speakers at d2 Conference in Vienna, CG Society badges, CGarchitect Architectural 3d Awards in commissioned film 2017, VWArtclub TOP10 2019 for week 10; recently we have been invited to highlight our workflow in a webinar promoted by MAXON Cinema 4D.



We have a decade of experience working with creative agencies, brands, and architecture firms. We specialize in art direction and 3d visual art for a wide range of digital content and visualization services to communicate architecture and design projects.

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Competition and commissioned images

↑ Iotti + Pavarani Architetti, Torino Federal Building - winning project.


Environment design and 3d vegetation

↑ Studies on landscape with clay renders, sketches and 3d sculpting.


Generating and including vegetation directly in 3d supplies more possibilities to represent the project in its real condition. We employ mixed techniques to re-create a more natural environment. In the process, we use intense phases of sculpting and 3d painting to give to the final rendering process the look of traditional art.

#3d environment #vegetation #3d trees #landscaping

↑ Strategies for the representation of landscape and vegetation.


Photographic approach to the composition

↑ SMAO, Chapel in Valleaceron, Spain.

↑ Breakdown with lighting setups and photo matching used in the 3d reconstruction of the Chapel.


Lighting setup, 3d reconstruction, and photo matching of the Chapel in Valleaceron (Ciudad Real, Spain) designed by S.M.A.O. in 2000. The case study is part of the Ph.D. research Modeling the light by Lorena Greco, co-founder at Atelier Crilo.

#photorealism #rendering #lighting setup #photography

Lighting studies of physical environment and photographic set.


The CG movie for Superficial Studio, shown at In-contest concorsi che fanno cultura in Milan, introduces the several activities provided for architecture firms and design companies in communication design and brand identity. We conceived the single shots starting from a traditional storyboard and later testing them in a virtual set. All the objects are accurately spread across the scene, and each one represents a member of Superficial Studio team.

#3d modeling #3D texturing #editing #post-production #color grading #sound design

↑ Short movie for Superficial Studio, presented at In-contest (Milan), and nominee at CGarchitect Awards 2017.


DIVERCity is a presentation movie realized for the winning urban design by TA.R.I-Architects, that uses different motion graphics techniques to highlight project data through schemes, diagrams, infographics, and 3d animation.

#video editing #motion graphics #color grading #live action #sound design

❯ Complete video is available here

Cut scenes with motion graphics and schemes of DiverCity.



Video projection realized for the forum Declinare Roma, collecting the best research projects of the Department of History, Drawing, and Restoration of Architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome.

❯ Work coordinated by Graziano Mario Valenti and Fabio Quici, with music by Emanuele de Raymondi and Viaggio nelle Città invisibili by Carmelo Battaglia.

Some frames of the 6 m long projection of Declinare Roma.


Concept building and 3d visualizations

↑ Triptych of Mark, exposed at OFF event - Biennale Architettura, Venice 2014.


In these images, we employed mixed media and compositing techniques to illustrate a series of speculative projects and concept buildings. We experimented with the several possibilities offered by digital, evoking the fascinating handmade look of traditional architectural representations.

#drawing #watercolor #digital painting #architecture

↑ V-House, Mo-Nei House, Mark, and Beijing Tower.