Infiltration in the urban context

The project is configured as a speculative research in an imaginary urban context. Adjacent to an existing building, Arsia integrates new office spaces and restores the use of its panoramic terrace through a second access to the roof top. The keyword, to understand this type of building, is infiltration, as urban and architectural strategy. The architecture composition is given by a prismatic body crossed by a sculptural black part, which collects the vertical elements of distribution in a multiple height. Arsia is designed to solve episodes that frequently occur in our cities and that most often remain unexpressed possibilities: abandoned buildings and saturated urban contexts. The infiltration allows, in compliance with the existing, a functional and aesthetic rebirth for the city. The meaning of the name Arsia reveals the similarity of the section with a shield volcano formed in the Tharsis region of Mars, and tells the theme of exile, turning away from the earth searching for an ostentatious and new spatiality.

PROJECT: Arsia Infiltration Building

Office Spaces - Mixed Use

DATE: 10/2012 - 02/2013

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