Atelier Crilo is a creative Italian designer duo based in Rome who works on architecture, CG imagery, illustration and visual design. Co-founded by Cristian Farinella and Lorena Greco we are internationally recognized in architectural visualization industry and we love to create unique and evocative computer-generated imagery that aim to unveil the highest aesthetic contents by every design process.


Meet the team

Who we are

Cristian Farinella, Atelier Crilo
Cristian Farinella, Co-founder at Atelier Crilo. Architect, PhD candidate, 3D visualization specialist and CG artist, lecturer and trainer in the disciplines of architectural communication and computer graphics, teacher in green representation at Master of Landscape Architecture (MPG) of IUAV in Venice.

Cristian loves to experiment with sculpture and art inside Atelier Crilo’s projects following a personal approach in visual storytelling and architectural communication. When he is not creating at Atelier Crilo he loves listening to alternative and electronic music, walking through Rome and eating the wonderful Lorena’s cakes.

Lorena Greco, Atelier Crilo
Lorena Greco,  Co-founder at Atelier Crilo. Architect, PhD candidate, illustrator, 3D visualization artist and trainer in the disciplines of architectural representation, digital painting and architectural drawing. Teacher in green representation at Master of Landscape Architecture (MPG) of IUAV in Venice.

Lorena's passion for illustration and traditional drawing leads her aesthetic sense in digital work where to find the natural environment to experiment with several disciplines from visual arts to digital painting. To break the routine she draws watercolors, takes care of her cat and makes funny cake designs.


Media and Interview ▾

▪︎ Interview at Architects meet in FuoriBiennale


▪︎ Opening of Paesaggi Ibridi exhibition in Catania 


Prizes, exhibits and awards

▪︎ Nominee at CGarchitect 3Dawards 2017 in the category commissioned film for Superficial animation / Best of year 2015 by Ronen Bekerman for Mo-Nei House.

Atelier Crilo is international and renewed Italian company awarded in the field of architecture, visual design and architectural visualization. We have been selected among the Best Young Italian Architects by AIAC at OFF event during the 14th Biennale in Venice and awarded in Architects meet in FuoriBiennale with Oteiza house project. In the same year we have been selected among the NIB special guests and awarded in the Top Ten Architects from NIB New Italian Blood. Our work has been highlighted in many events and exhibitions like at the gallery of art and architecture Come se, at Casa dell’Architettura di Roma, at NIB exhibits in the cities of Palermo and Salerno, at AIAC gallery Interno 14, at Tirana Design Week, at international meetings like Architects meet in Selinunte as well as published on magazines and websites including Wallpaper*l'Arca, Evolo and Domus. In 2014, we have been highlighted among the Best Visualizations of the Year by Ronen Bekerman and in 2015 invited as speakers at d2 Conference in Vienna with the best visualization companies of the moment. Our hand drawings, architecture projects and video installations have been exhibited for #futuramemoria at SicilCima in Catania, for the exhibition Paesaggi Ibridi. Recently among top 5 nominee and awarded at CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards 2017 in the category commissioned film for the short movie Superficial Studio. The ceremony has been celebrated in Vienna at d2 Conference.
Recently we have been invited to highlight our workflow in the architectural visualization webinar promoted by MAXON Cinema 4D  

Advanced Training

Teaching in architectural visualization, drawing and illustration ▾

▪︎ Photos from D2 Conference, Vienna | Tirana Design Week, Polis University | MPG, IUAV, Venice | Cesma, Sapienza, Rome | Ostia Autumn School, AIAC


Cristian and Lorena are both teachers for landscape and green representation at the Master of Landscape Architecture IUAV of Venice, and recently involved in PhD research at Sapienza University of Rome, where they are continuing the exploration in the field of computer-generated images (CGI) connected to disciplines of visual arts at the department of History, Drawing and Restoration of Architecture at Sapienza University of Rome. Furthermore they hold teaching activity and give lessons in the courses of Design, Graphic and Multimedia, Industrial Design and Architecture, working also as tutors for CeSMA providing a series of workshops (Illustrazione Digitale, Visual storytelling and Set Design) where students can explore the possibilities of architectural representation, from bi-dimensional drawing, compositing and matte painting, arriving to 3D visualization techniques used in professional environment.

We activated three different weekend courses in the field of architectural illustration, rendering / CG images and post-production in digital imaging. In the training page you can find more news and the request information form to stay updated with notifications for upcoming courses!




Atelier Crilo is based in Rome, Italy, but we work worldwide. For general enquiries, to hire us or to request a lecture, email us at No architecture portfolios or internship programs please. 

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