▪︎ Published on Arhitekton - Builder of illusion n° 10

Eva Concept Tower ▾

Eva is a concept tower inspired by Egon Schiele’s work. In his drawings and paintings, the body is shown in the nudity, in full process of decomposition, but in contrast to the fixity that you would expect from mutilated or amputated cadavers the compositions are among the most dynamics. The language of Schiele is metaphor of life: twisting, bending, sexuality, self-eroticism, a dance that shows an evasive dimension in contrast to the bourgeois society. Eva considers the sensuality of posture as an object of study and research, to find new architectural forms in the construction of a lexicon for the current buildings in the city.

PROJECT: Eva Concept Tower

DATE: 2011/2012

Drawing Architecture  —  Arhitekton