↑ Cardboard model of Labes.

↑ Perspective views.

↑ Study sketch of rotation.

↑ Long and cross sections on the Aurelian Walls.

↑ Presentation boards.


Labes is an architecture project focused on archeology that promotes economic and social processes in the urban area of via Sannio, Rome.

To the archaeological oblivion, to which so many parts of our city are confined, we prefer a “living memory”. Labes reveals the value of the functional complexity and the same specificity of the archaeological project as a driving force of a global reorganization. In terms of architectural space, the project is developing the theme of the section and excavation. A series of “surgical” etchings in Via Sannio reveal the presence of some remnants of the past giving access to the new underground levels, and mainly digging along the Aurelian walls to reveal the base submerged linking the bottom of excavation with the top of Piazza San Giovanni. It is a research, from Lucio Fontana and more recently by Doris Salcedo, that shows through the act of engraving how it is possible to reveal new and unexpected worlds and dimensions.

— Antonino Saggio

The name Labes is inspired to a painting of Nicola Samorì 

PROJECT: Labes, Strategies for the re-use of the archeology in Rome

DATE: 09/2009 - 03/2010

ADVISOR: Antonino Saggio