↑ The house is set in an imaginary landscape surrounded by trees and vegetation.

↑ Comparison between the sculpture of Jorge Oteiza (above) and the preliminary 3D models of the house.

↑ Preparatory study of the vegetation and sections of the house.


The house inspires to the work of the Spanish Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza. The interiors represent a continuum in the pure volume of the house designed without partition walls. An open floor plan is the living area at the first level, while the master bedroom is at the second level with access to a small protruding observatory collocated to the side of the house. The project is designed as a punctual structure that aims to the integration with the surrounding forest and vegetation, such as a natural element of the environment, preserving harmony between trees, water, and architecture.

PROJECT: Oteiza House

DATE: 06/2015

↑ Project presented at Architects meet in FuoriBiennale, Venice 2016.