Landscape design with island, rocks and vegetation entirely modeled in 3D

Screenshots of the concept design and comparison with the sculpture of Jorge Oteiza

Vegetation and landscape generation with preparatory studies about composition

Oteiza House

The tree-house is inspired to the work of the Basque Spanish sculptor Jorge Oteiza in a parallel with the sculptural metaphor, where nothing is everything quoting Oteiza's words. The interiors represent a continuum in the pure volume of the house designed without partition walls and with an open floor plan living area at the first level, bedroom at the second level and a small protruding observatory at the third level. The house is designed as a punctual structure that aims to integration with the surrounding forest and vegetation, such as a natural element of this environment, preserving harmony between trees, water and architecture.

Project: Oteiza House

Date: 06/2015

Design and illustrations by Atelier Crilo

▹ Oteiza Museum

Presentation at Architects meet in FuoriBiennale, Venice 2016

Sculpting tools used for rocks, mountains and landscape

Texture painting used for the landscape of Oteiza House

▹ Short movie to introduce SpeedTree for Cinema used for vegetation