Houses Series 

Between the highest research and the common living

▪︎ Views of V-House, Oteiza House and Mo-Nei House.

Theory and research of new languages in Atelier Crilo's works, both in the design process that in its representation, have a special place. Our creative approach towards architectural discipline lives of exchanges with the illustration and the visual arts. The projects and concepts presented here are the result of our insights and speculations, trying to hybridize theoretical research and building construction tangibly and concretely inside the architectural project.

Houses ▾

The series of houses is developed to combine the contribute of the highest research, concerning the taller and complex buildings, with the common dimension of living as thematic often avoided from the architectural speculation. Starting from this axiom, we designed three types of houses: the Oteiza-house inspired to the basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza, the expensive linear villa Mo-nei house for two families, and the single-family V-House playing with the V shape to create a continuum without partition walls inside. In these houses there are many hidden elements, sometimes ironic items telling secret stories, details only visible to a keen eye. In this way the communication becomes the most stimulating and nearest to the pure storytelling and to the real life.

Presentation of Oteiza House at Architects meet in FuoriBiennale in Venezia ⤴︎

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Speculative Research 

Tall buildings and urban infiltrations

▪︎ Speculative projects, concept buildings, competitions and research projects.


Towards an architectural language

Speculative projects were designed with the aim to test and validate new design solutions for the current urban condition. We focused on abandoned buildings in saturated built environments, a very common situation in the historical European cities, with Mark and Arsia as parasite infiltrations and grafts. We faced the archeological contexts promoting mechanism of re-acivation of excavations, inestimable presence in the city of Rome with the Labes project. After the historic city we experienced sustainable designs with a new visionary approach for the tallest buildings, as in the case of Atreo Skyscraper and the filter tower for Beijing. Furthermore, these projects are both accurate project simulations that illustrations, created with several visualization techniques in which the representation is the highest and valuable tool that forms the knowledge of the project.


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Editorial projects and graphic design

▪︎ Illustrations for Domus, L'Arca, D Editore, Sicilcima, Wilfing Architettura, Arhitekton and Kerry Muzzey.


We develop illustration projects with the same design abilities employed in the architecture project, working in many fields of creative design for communication industry. Our expertise includes infographics and dataflow as in the case of Oltre il Senso del Luogo, key-art for cinema and graphic designs for editorial projects and advertising.


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Design Development 

Collaboration projects and outsourcing


Atelier Crilo works even as outsourcing and consultant in specific fields of the design process. We developed collaboration projects with Come Se - Rosetta Angelini for the Amnesty International headquarter and for the refurbishment of Civico Zero - Save the children, both in Rome. We followed the technical development with details and construction documents for AeV architects in the extension project of Explora - the children’s museum of Rome in via Flaminia, and designed several commercial spaces and retail stores like Home Unusual Store and Exist fashion lines for Luigi Valente Design as well as interiors and residential projects for private clients.

We have a solid background in building construction and technical drawing having worked as consultants and technology specialists for architecture firms and design companies in preliminary designs, construction phases as well as following the design process in every step until the client presentation.

▪︎ Competition boards, masterplan and architectural drawings.