V-house exteriors represented in night and day views


V-House is a single-family home in which the plan is set to V shape and the open floor plan living is articulated by different levels in height, from zero to mezzanine floor of the front entrance. The absence of partition walls for the main areas, solution further developed in Oteiza House, represents the peculiarity of these interior spaces conceived in continuity with the pure volume of the house. At the first floor is located the master bedroom, topped by a large skylight, used even by the studio as source of natural light from above. The house is also the case study for digital watercolor techniques, as explained in an extensive article posted by Ronen Bekerman under workflows.

Project: V-House

Date: 11/2014

Design and Illustrations by Atelier Crilo

Workflow on Ronen Bekerman

▹ Digital Watercolors for Bekerman workflows

▹ Traditional Watercolors for D2 Conference