Architectural Visualizations

Atelier Crilo collaborates with architects, agencies and design companies creating images of the unbuilt. We provide a wide range of visualization and simulation solutions through architecture imaging and helping to explore, prefigure and force the boundaries of design process.

Non commercial projects designed and visualized by Atelier Crilo


Raw renders and preparation studies during the process of modeling and representation of vegetation

In the progression that led us to 3D architectural visualization, we spent endless hours on CAD softwares confronting ourselves with the impersonal and pseudo-objective effect that representation can assume in many cases. This issue brought us to the recovery of a sequence of imperfections, reclaiming the techniques typical of painting and hand drawing even in the creation of 3D environments
— Atelier Crilo


These short videos show the variety of techniques used in the construction and representation of Oteiza House. As case study we forced and stressed the entire visualization process focusing on vegetation and trees developed by means of a standalone software with a parametric system, while the natural environment of rocks and mountains is recreated through a 3D sculpting module. In the process of texturing we used watercolor brushes in 3d painting, the same used for illustrations and drawings such as Etna or as in the case of V-house project. The aim of this process is mainly oriented to reconquer the look of a painting rather than a clean and impersonal perfect rendering. 

Animation breakdown of vegetation creation, sculpting tools and 3D landscape painting