Architectural RenderingS

Design communication

▪︎ Architectural visualizations with interior and exteriors views

We provide a wide range of visualization and animation solutions through computer-generated imagery (CGI), to explore, prefigure and force the boundaries of the design process. We are architects and we love to visualize and communicate projects supporting the design development of architecture and design firms. We work keeping the same goals with communication agencies providing interiors and product visualizations, aiming to create the most powerful and engaging storytelling through still images and 3D animations.


Architectural Renderings ▾

Product Visualizations ▾

3D Animation ▾


Some images of recent works ▾ 

▪︎ Project by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti, Pisa Stadium (winning project)

▪︎ Project proposals by Nemesi Studio for Generali Headquarter, Milano

▪︎ Europan Europe 14, collaboration project with TARI Architects, arch. Luigi Murgante and arch. Maria Combusti, Barcellona

Case Study

Vegetation and landscape visualizations ▾ 

▪︎ Raw renders and studies for 3D modeling and texturing of the vegetation

In the progression that led us to 3D architectural visualization, we spent endless hours on CAD softwares confronting ourselves with the impersonal and pseudo-objective effect that representation can assume in many cases. This issue brought us to the recovery of a sequence of imperfections, reclaiming the techniques typical of painting and hand drawing even in the creation of 3D environments.

 — The expressivity of the sign in digital representation



Some techniques used in 3D environments

▪︎ Animation breakdown of vegetation, sculpting tools and 3D painting of landscape

These short videos show the variety of techniques used in the construction and representation of vegetation and landscape. As case study we forced and stressed the entire visualization process focusing on vegetation and trees developed by means of softwares with parametric system of nodes, while the natural environment of rocks and mountains is recreated through a 3D sculpting module. In the process of texturing we used watercolor brushes in 3d painting, the same used for illustrations and drawings such as Etna or as in the case of V-house project. This kind of workflow is mainly oriented to give the look of a traditional painting to final rendering process. 

3D Animation and Visual Storytelling

Presentation movie for Superficial Studio

▪︎ Short movie produced for Superficial Studio and presented at In-contest (Fuorisalone, Milano)

The video of Superficial Studio, shown at In-contest concorsi che fanno cultura in Milano, introduces the several activities they offer in communication process and in brand identity for architecture and design firms. We designed all the scenes starting from a traditional storyboard and later testing them in a virtual set, disseminating accurately all the objects that better represent every component of Superficial Studio.

The movie is referred to Andy Warhol's objectivity and Pop culture, to which the firm is closely linked, creating a provocative and ironic presentation in which you will notice the "barbie girl" song that gramophone is playing, the iconic characters in the rotating panels and other tiny details to discover in the scene.

#incontest #video #set design

▪︎ Storyboard and clay renderings for lighting and camera studies

Timeline with some key-frames ⤴︎

Architectural Illustrations

Digital paintings and drawings

▪︎ Drawings and digital paintings of Mark, V-house, Mo-Nei House

May not always be necessary to focus exclusively on photorealistic renderings in the communication of the architectural project. In the illustrations above we have chosen to work on the border between traditional drawing and digital painting to represent, with their evocative aspects, a series of speculative projects. The interior views of Mark (the triptych) are created through a mix of painting and compositing techniques while watercolor drawings always succeed in expressing, with effectiveness, the relationship between architecture and landscape. We are always looking for new languages and experimentations with our clients in the field of architectural representation.


Product and interior visualizations

▪︎ She is growing up - visualization project with educational purposes made for Set Design at Cesma, Sapienza University of Rome

▪︎ The use of multi-pass and light-mix to study separately all the contributions of the light in the scene

▪︎ The use of multi-pass and light-mix to study separately all the contributions of the light in the scene

Infinite possibilities in a Virtual Set ▾ 

We specialize in product visualizations and photorealistic rendering, using virtual set and advanced rendering engines and tools, as light-mix and multi-pass, to composite a perfect look for product and interior designs inside catalogues and advertisements.

In the image by side the concept is to plays with the passage of time, using some evocative elements such as the book cover of Ending Aging designed for D Editore, here shown as a painting, the presence of a young girl in the foreground and the abandoned plush on the armchair.

▪︎ Interior views of residential and office spaces with brand furnitures

3D Reconstructions 

Study and analysis of works from the past

▪︎ Some images of the reconstruction and graphical analysis of Sacripanti's Pavilion for Osaka 1968

Projects of architecture, sculptures and artworks reconstructed in their geometric form, simulating the construction processes by means of digital tools. The project by the architect Sacripanti and by the constructivist sculptor Gabo Pevsner are part of a series of studies conducted within the Ph.D. program (department of Drawing, History and Restoration) respectively with the researchers Marta Salvatore and Leonardo Baglioni at Sapienza University of Rome.

▪︎ Analysis of Surface développable by Antoine Pevsner, 1938-1939 - Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice